Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Movies are meant to be enjoyed, but oftentimes there are significant barriers that restrict individuals from enjoying the film to its fullest potential. The current rating system does not accommodate the range and nuances of individual sensitivities to distressing content. For some people, this could mean a regular nuisance, but for others, not having access to accurate and timely movie content information could have severe and debilitating consequences. We understand the challenges faced by many when caught off-guard and are taking the initiative to improve the current movie-watching experience. We are dedicated to making movies a more enjoyable and inclusive space.

RedyWatch is pioneering a new form of delivering movie content information, prioritizing usability, and accommodating a wide range of sensitivities to distressing content. By creating a personalized warning system that delivers detailed and objective movie content notices, RedyWatch aims to improve the movie-watching experience for everyone.

RedyWatch was founded in March of 2018 through a social innovation incubator, optiMize, at the University of Michigan.